“Melancholic piano pop with wild vocals and captivating strings”




Bleeding Blue music video

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Bianca Nisha live Hofteatret

Bianca Nisha live Designmuseum Danmark


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Bianca Nisha – album

Bleeding Blue – single

China – single


  • 03/27/23 København K Designmuseum Danmark
  • 03/27/23 København K Designmuseum Danmark
  • 09/09/22 Hundested Hundested Skole
  • 09/09/22 Hundested Hundested Skole
  • 09/08/22 Nysted Nysted Skole
  • 09/08/22 Nykøbing F Østerbroskolen
  • 09/07/22 Nykøbing F Nordbyskolen
  • 09/07/22 Nørre Alslev Nørre Vedby Skole
  • 09/02/22 Himmelev Himmelev Skole
  • 09/02/22 Himmelev Himmelev Skole
  • 09/01/22 Maribo Maribo Skole
  • 09/01/22 Nakskov Stormarkskolen
  • 09/01/22 Nakskov Stormarkskolen
  • 08/31/22 Høng Høng Kommuneskole
  • 08/31/22 Kalundborg Nyrupskolen
  • 08/25/22 Gentofte Vidarskolen
  • 09/29/20 Køge Tapperiet
  • 09/29/20 Køge Tapperiet
  • 09/21/20 København K Teatermuseet i Hofteatret
  • 09/21/20 København K Teatermuseet i Hofteatret


Review in Gaffa by Ivan Rod

Bianca Nisha er danske Bianca Nishas aka Ea Philippa Tanges debut – et album, der med den vemodige, vokalbaserede popmusik fremstår som uhyre stilsikkert. Klangbilledet er smukt og betagende, vokalen varieret, instrumenteringen (blandt andet med celloer) indtagende, teksterne troværdige. Bianca Nisha er i den forstand et singer-songwriter-projekt, der fortjener opmærksomhed … (læs hele anmeldelsen her)

Video premiere in Good Because Danish

“(…) Bianca Nisha feeds us with heavy feelings in digestible little bites ( …)”

” (…) The clever use of literal colours in her lyrics makes them so easily accessible. “Giving all my yellow to you”she sings “and I’m drowning to stay evergreen and find something never seen”. We all learn from a very young age that e.g. yellow means happiness because it is the colour of the sun. Evergreen means durability and steadiness because it is a feature of plants like firs, which stay in one colour the whole year-round (…)” (Read full article here)

Bleeding Blue review in Nagamag

“Such a soft, Warm vocal -Bianca Nisha-, the faded melody of Chamber Pop and the all-consuming atmosphere of something otherworldly. The music, which can be rightfully characterized as real art within its genre. Impressive work! (read full review here)

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